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My name is Malcolm Meyer and I have a passion for web-based data visualization and analysis. Formally, I am a graduate of the Ohio University International Studies Program, with a BA in Sociology and Urban Planning from The College of Wooster. I also love music and gardening. I spend my days building maps for the City of Zanesville. Formerly, I analyzed transportation data for the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission. You can see the OVRDC map gallery built with Jekyll, Bootstrap 4 and JQuery here.

getBounds() Returns the LatLngBounds of the current map view, path or polyline

Awesome Leaflet Plugins

Data Visualization Tools Shortlist

  • Datawrapper
  • Census Reporter
  • DataUSA
  • Tableau
  • Mapbox
  • Leaflet
  • d3

About this Site

This site is powered by Jekyll, archived on GitHub and cached by Cloudflare served by Netlify . It was adapted from the Bulma Hero Theme. The first generation of this blog was based on the Clean Blog theme from Start Bootstrap. In 2017 I switched from Bootstrap to Bulma CSS for something new, and to utilize a lighter CSS framework.

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