Mapbox Gl Examples

Mapbox GL Examples

Interactive Maps using Mapbox GL and Material Design Light

As part of my GIS work funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission I have researched the effectiveness of client-side, server-less web mapping. This post outlines the progress of that work, however client-side rendering has its drawbacks. The main issue in terms of web GIS is the number of vertices and overall size of the vector layers. This led to experimenting with vector tiles and Mapbox GL JS. OVRDC currently has a vector tiles server in testing (see mbtiles-server). This server powers several Mapbox GL based maps, as well as some of the basemaps for all of OVRDC’s maps using Leaflet 1.0+. Since the Mapbox GL maps use a new web map API, I thought it would be cool to test out a new framework for the maps as well. I landed on Google’s Material Design Light, inspired by the work of Tobin Bradley.

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