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Serverless Web Maps

Using SQLite in the Browser and Service Workers to Power Web Maps from Object Storage

City of Lancaster Public Transit

A NodeJS GTFS Feed & Interactive Map Generator

Peaks 3D Visualization

An Exporation of the Highest Mountain Peaks in the US

Export GeoJSON from PostgreSQL using Beekeeper Studio

Query > Download > Copy > Paste!

FOSS4G Image Processing

Creating Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs and Raster Tiles using GDAL and QGIS

Generating Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs and Raster Tiles with GDAL

TLDR: gdalbuildvrt, gdal_translate, gdal_warp and gdaladdo

Wedding Website

A Single-Page Wedding Wedsite with an Interactive Map

Pandemix Data Visualization

What if all US COVID Deaths occurred in one geographic area?

From the Ashes of Shapefiles

A Presentation for the 2020 Virtual Ohio GIS Conference

GIS and Remote Work

An Exploration of a GIS Remote Work Toolkit

Exporting AGOL Feature Services to GeoJSON

Using NodeJS and Batches to Transform an ArcGIS Online Feature Service to GeoJSON

Ohio COVID-19 Dashboard

A Simple, Client Side Tracking Dashboard for COVID-19 in Ohio

RTK to WGS84

Transforming Coordinates with JavaScript using proj4.js

Highlighting Features in Mapbox GL JS

A Comparison of Filter and Feature-State

Network Tracing with Turf JS

A Client Side Solution for Simple Upstream and Downstream Linear Network Analysis

Progressive Web Apps

Using PWA Components for Web Maps

Open Parcel Viewer

A Client-Side Parcel Viewer built with Leaflet

Leaflet Store Locator

A Leaflet Version of the Original Mapbox JS Store Locator Example

Intro to Turf JS

Geospatial Analysis for the Browser, Desktop & Server

Mapping with Vector Tiles

Query Features Outside the Viewport

GPX Visualize

A Visualization for GPS Tracks

Data-Driven Styling, 3D Polygons & Vector Tiles with Mapbox GL JS

Web Maps from Scratch

An Introduction to Leaflet, GitHub & Jekyll

What is a Map?

Marshall Univerity 2016 GIS Day Keynote

Beyond the Desktop

Open Source Experiments in Web Mapping

Jekyll, Leaflet and TurfJS

Open Source Tools for Web Mapping

Leaflet & GeoJson Tiles

A County Parcel App: No GIS Server? No Problem!

Shagbark Product Locator Map

A Locator Map with Search and Nearest Store Finder

CartoDB Visualizations

One Data Set Four Ways

A Modern Leaflet Toolbar

Horizontal Toolbars in Leaflet

Conkle's Hollow Fall Hike

Mapping GPS Tracks with Leaflet

Intro to Leaflet

A Presentation for the 2015 Ohio GIS Conference

Leaflet Photo Map

A Trip Out West circa 1985

Google MyMaps, Leaflet and ArcGIS Online

Hosting a GeoJson on GitHub

Google Drive Fusion Tables

Raster Catalogs

Desktop to the Cloud: GIS Cloud and Rasters

Animating Urban Growth via the ArcMap Time Slider

One Hundred Years of Urban Growth in Ten Seconds

Use Only Selected Features in Model Builder