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Finding Perpendicular lines with TurfJS

Bearing, LineIntersect & Destination

In a recent project I needed to determine the perpendicular distance from a single point (C) to a line created by two other points (A and B). Nor...

H3 Grids Explorer

A Web Tool for Exoploring H3 Grid Levels

What are H3 grids? Created by Uber Engineering, the H3 grid system divides the Earth’s surface into a hierarchical...

Potocki Vodka Store Finder

A Responsive Map-Focused Store Finder

Written in Vanilla JavaScript, this project uses Mapbox GL JS to showcase stores and online purchasing options for Potocki Vodka out of Poland. Certain elements of the application were assisted by various AI tools, such as generating centroids and bounding boxes for countries.

project-link Live Demo

Network Tracing with Turf JS

A Client Side Solution for Simple Upstream and Downstream Linear Network Analysis

A primary focus of my day job is managing utility datasets for a small municipality. I am currently in the process of taking a simple database of l...

Intro to Turf JS

Geospatial Analysis for the Browser, Desktop & Server

This presentation was given at the 2018 Ohio GIS Conference. The NodeJS example is hard-coded from a real-world example in the original presentatio...

Shagbark Product Locator Map

A Locator Map with Search and Nearest Store Finder

Using the original Mapbox JS store locator example as a starting point, the Shagbark map adds a couple of unique features including store text search and a nearest store locator. The project pulls data from a Google Sheet in NodeJS while building. This allows the client to easily update store locations and available products. Custom icons with the client logo are used to mark store locations. An open source version of this store locator is available on GitHub.

project-link Live Demo